Location 4353 NE 85th Avenue, Portland OR 97220


  • Identify and pronounce Nepali words and the basic sentences.
  • Differentiate affirmative/ negative/ interrogative statements t o greet and introduce.
  • Understand the polite and impolite forms of language, and to ask for needs and wants (ex. food/lodging)
  • Deal with numbers and rules of counting
  • Introductions to Nepali language, Vowels, Consonants, Words & Sentence structure (SOV)
  • Pronouns, numbers and adjectives
  • Case marks/ postpositions/ suffixes
  • Types of verbs (transitive / intransitive and simple / compound)
  • Tenses: past and non-past
  • Verb conjugation : regular vs. polite and impolite forms
  • Types of sentences: yes, no and question forms.
  • Simple and compound sentences
  • Important phrases to remember and particles
  • Final project: Mono or dialog + analysis of a text


  • Introduction to Nepal: historical back ground, unity within diversity
  • Political system and life style etc
  • Inseparability of Religion and Culture in Nepal
  • Places to visit
  • Holidays and festivals
  • Caste system or a division of labor: How does it work in Nepal?
  • Rituals from birth to death
  • Special lecture on birthday celebration.
  • How to find a life Partner? A system of marriage in Nepalese culture
  • Nepali Bhasha Sikshya, By Daya R. S hakya, USWCNLC, Portland,Oregon USA
  • Dictionary of Spoken Nepali, Earl Mosburg, Boulder, Colorado,USA
  • Culture Shock Nepal, Jon Burbank, GAC Publishing Co. Portland,Oregon USA