Location 4353 NE 85th Avenue, Portland OR 97220

Mr. Daya Shakya

A day that has only twenty four hours which leaves some of us wondering about where time goes. One man has almost defied rather time as his exuberant energy has allowed him to accomplish many goals in his life. Daya Shakya is a husband, a father, a teacher, a writer, editor, researcher, social worker, and peer support specialist, interpreter, translator and an inspiration for many people. His tireless effort includes preserving and promoting the language and culture of Nepal. Daya earned his post-graduate degree in linguistics, Nepalese Language and Literature with special focus on Nepali and Nepal Bhasha, from the University of Oregon, USA and Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu, Nepal. Furthermore, doing field work in a few dozen districts of Nepal, Daya has grasped the ability to speak, read and write in Nepali, Nepal Bhasha, English, In addition, he also has ability to speak Urdu, and Tibetan, and he is able to read Sanskrit and German making Daya truly a multi lingual person.

As a linguist, Daya is not only a teacher but he is also an interpreter and a translator. In the past, he has tutored many foreign scholars and his passion continues till today as he is involved as a freelance private tutor for the Nepalese languages and culture. He has also helped many Nepalese texts made available in another language by translating them into English. He has instructed at the Lane Community College (LCC) in Eugene, Portland Community College (PCC), and Mount Hood Community College (MHCC) and also for the Intercom Language Institute in Portland, Oregon. He has served as a research assistant to scholars from the Universities of Oregon, New York in USA, United Kingdom, Germany as well as Nepal. Daya was actively involved in the community as well. He was the Vice President of the Newah Organization of America (2001-06) (NOA) and has served as the President of the Nepalese Association of Oregon (2003-05) (NAO) after serving as an executive member of NAO for three years in 2001.Currently has taken over the president ship for another two hears ( 2019-21), Furthermore, he has been recently elected president to the Non-Resident Nepalese Association (NRNA)'s Oregon Chapter (2019-21) after successful completion of two terms as the vice president. His past positions include leading the Eugene/Kathmandu Sister City Committee as its president, chairperson for the International Nepal BhasaSevaSamiti (INBSS).and director at the Center for Nepalese Language and Culture in Portland Oregon USA.

Many people agree about Daya as being a true leader. In his endeavor to promote the Nepalese language and culture, he has presented several papers in international conferences and conventions. He has also hosted many events promoting the Nepalese culture. Asian Heritage month Festival in Portland, and Asian Celebration in Eugene Oregon are the two of many events that have invited Daya to organize and showcase a Nepalese performances.In 2000 He had organized KATHMANU NIGHT in Portland Oregon. Indeed, in 2001 Daya was awarded Finest Exemplary Volunteer Award 2001" by the Asian Reporter, a local newspaper of Portland, for his continuous support in preservation of the Nepalese language and culture and guiding the Nepalese community in Oregon. Recently Daya was honored with "We are Portland Award" from the City of Portland for his continued support to new immigrants. To add more on Daya's contribution, he has coordinated the Conventions of the WORLD NEWAH ORGNIZATION (WNO) in London, UK (2011) and in Baltimore USA (2016). Global Newah Conference9 (GNC) in 20018 in Kathmandu Nepal and most recently the third WNO convention held in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The success of all conventions is highly commendable by his way of paying undivided attention to them. Of the many cultural programs he has hosted Daya also published newsletters as well as Journals. 'Namaste' was started in 1994 for the Nepalese community in Oregon, which not only publicizes community news but also welcomes new members creating a sense of family within the community. 'Laskus' (2001) is the publication of the Newah Organization of America (NOA) which has created a close community of Newah people in the US. NewahVijaana is "The Journal of Newar Studies" that extends the boundaries on Studies of Newah heritage to scholars around the world. He is also involved in publication of WNO’s annual souvenir the ‘HALIN NEWAH’ as well as joint publication of Northwest Nepalese people’s ‘Jamghat (2012-2019). Along with journals and souvenirs he has also published many articles and books written in Nepal Bhasa, Nepali and English. The most recently published in Nepal Bhasaand English are titled 'WayaaPwaathae Du", a collection of articles based on linguistic features of Nepal Bhasa, and ' NewahBhaye Learner ' a guide to learn the Nepal Bhasa. His publication includes SandarbhaSahityaKalimpong and ‘SapanaakaaShaharharuBipanaakaaRaharharu”. Edited version of poems by MotiRijal in Nepali. In a country where there is not enough time for anything, one can see that Daya has mystified every one by defying this phenomenon.