Location 4353 NE 85th Avenue, Portland OR 97220

IN COLLABORATION WITH Central Department of Nepal Bhasa,
Tribhuvan University Jagat Sunder Bwonekuthi High School

Mission Statement: Newah youth born or raised outside of country are drifted away from Newah Identity due to lack of resource material relevant to study discipline. The project adds new facility to empower the Newah people and create an environment of study on Newahcivilization.

Tentative Schedule: Winter Term (January – March 2020) Level 1 to 3 (Two Hours/ week for ten weeks)

Class Location: Patan Campus,Lalitpur (Ph. 015260494) and Jagat Sundar Bone kuthi High School, LakhuTirtha, Chaga(Ph. 014301420), Kathmandu Nepal

For Details: Program Coordinator: Daya Shakya / drasha@aol.com Visit: www.worldnewah.org